• Walls and Beyond

    A photographic project

    and European workshop in Bangkok


  • EUNIC cluster, partners in Bangkok, European schools and Universities associated

    ​European Institute and Embassies involved in Thailand

    European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) is a network of European national institutes of culture and national bodies engaged in cultural and related activities beyond their national borders.

    In Thailand and several countries in the world we are joined in “clusters”, it means we work together on same thematics and projects.

    The European Institute and Embassies involved in this project in Bangkok are French Embassy & Alliance française, British Council, Camoes Institute, Embassies of Austria, Italy, Poland, Spain and Goethe Institute.

    Silpakorn University International College

    SUIC is part of Silpakorn University, a leading Thai university with a focus on preserving national arts and cultures, and providing high quality international education programmes in business, art and design. With continual improvements in research and education, SUIC supports creative training and academic services, as well as producing professional graduates with the right knowledge and morality for employment in a globalized world. The workshop is conducted with the Digital Communication Design, Film and Photography route Departement.

    Galerie OASIS & Cinema


    Foundation Oasis is a run a city-centre yet non-profit gallery and cinema with the following aims :

    promote creative freedom of expression in cinema and other arts.

    support art that inspire cultural tolerance, emotional sensitivity and spiritual subtlety in Thai society and the world.

    cooperate with other art and cultural institutions in healing and strengthening the Thai art scene.


    University of Applied Arts Vienna​

    The University of Applied Arts Vienna sees itself as a place for free artistic and academic expression and as a laboratory for artistic visions, which unfold their potentials in the society of the future. The university is home to students, many of whom coming from other countries, both within Europe and abroad. The broadspectrum of artistic disciplines, complemented by a large number of scientific subjects, enriches the special atmosphere that prevails at the "Angewandte".

    The concept of the university as a place for critical reflection upon one’s personal thought and action, a place where questions are more important than patent solutions –this idea flourishes here. Studies are not limited to the mere conveyance of artistic techniques and skills. Rather, the development of individual artistic creativity and reflection upon one’s work on the basis of theories and concepts are our foremost priorities.


    Ecole de l'Image GOBELINS

    For almost 50 years, GOBELINS, l’école de l’image has been a global reference in the fields of digital communication, interactive design and entertainment. Renowned as one of the best schools in the world, GOBELINS offers courses in Photography, Animated Filmmaking, 3D Animation, Motion Design and Video Gaming.

    GOBELINS, l’école de l’image has developed a range of programmes and international services to cater to the needs of international students, professionals, schools, businesses, festivals and even cultural services of embassies.



    Founded in 2005 in Berlin Werner Mahler and Thomas Sandberg, the Ostkreuzschule in Berlin offers training based in the artisanal, mental, and emotional skills of this ability. Following basic studies, the focus is on the development of a personal visual language.
    Documentary, journalistic, or artistic photography genres are differentiated and the interactions between, and knowledge of design theory, history and theory of photography will be taught. Successful photographers of the agency «Ostkreuz» communicate their experiences in various photographic genres. Students also learn to make conceptual and substantive decisions throughout their project work. The course comprises seven semesters in the cultural metropolis of Berlin.


    Istituto Europeo di Design

    IED is an internationally recognized network consisting of 11 sites, 7 of which in Italy - Milan, Cagliari, Como, Florence, Rome, Turin and Venice - 2 in Spain -Barcelona and Madrid - and 2 in Brazil - Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

    Every year IED launches innovative training projects in the fields of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Communication, developing new forms of learning and designing new models for interpreting the future.

    IED student training experience is based on the educational concept according to which knowledge and know-how must grow together. A simple and effective idea that distinguishes the entire educational path: training students by combining theory and practice, beginning with the knowledge brought to the classroom by industry professionals and by the research requirements of partner companies.



    Lodz Film School

    The Film School in Lodz, one of the oldest film schools in the world, puts special emphasis on practical work in its teaching programme. The school educates students in film art, television, photography and acting. The students acquire knowledge preparing them to work as directors, directors of photography, animators, photographers, screenwriters, editors, production managers and actors. Studies comprise practical workshop classes accompanied by history, culture and art theory contributing to a thorough artistic development.


    Instituto Politécnico de Tomar

    The Photography program offers a high-level cultural, scientific and technical training supported by intensive practical coursework. This program has been designed so as to develop a wide range of skills that will allow an easy integration in the labour market and proceed to postgraduate, master's and doctoral studies.


    PIC.A Escuela Internacional

    f you are thinking not only of studying photography, but also of revealing the structures shared by photographic works, stimulating critical thinking and acquiring the practical knowledge that will allow you to carry out a good photographic project, the PHotoESPAÑA Master's Degree in Photography. Theories and Artistic Projects, is more than a photography course. It has the backing of more than 20 years of festival PHotoESPAÑA to offer a complete program of training in photography, in addition to the keys necessary to give the step to the field of professional photography.

    United Kingdom

    Manchester Metropolitan University​

    Based in the heart of Manchester, a vibrant and multicultural city, MMU is an innovator of art and design education in the UK, and celebrated its 180th anniversary in 2018. As the second oldest design school in Britain, established to provide design training to the manufacturing industry, MMU offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses that are still very much influenced by the specialist needs of industry to provide our students with the essential skills and knowledge for their chosen career.

  • Bangkok October 21st / November 9th


    8 Europeans students come to Bangkok to participate to a workshop with 8 students from Silpakorn University International College for a 15 days period.

    Each EUNIC member has identified a school in Europe and European students has been selected by the mentors of the project :

    - Manit Sriwanichpoom, Photographer and Galerie Oasis' owner

    - Gabriel Camelin, Professor at Silpakorn University International College


    Each European student is paired with a student from Silpakorn University International College.
    Each team work and produce a photographic series on a specific thematic :
    Walls and Beyond

    At the end of the workshop, the artworks will be presented in 3 different places, on 3 different times.

    The first one will take place at Oasis Cinema with all the students involved, other artworks will be presented at Goethe Institute and at Alliance française.




    European and Thai students

    Austria / Thailand

    Birgit Graschopf combines photography and installation (Wall Exposure), performance, drawing and video in order to investigate and relate human behaviors and space-related atmospheres to each other. Performative self-stagings in selected places make structures of the social, public as well as intimate spaces visible. The material used and the image surface as well as the entire space and location are parameters that make possible a synthesis of the image content and the appearance. The relationship between human kind and space further shall be explored and expressed in the so-called Wall Exposure


    Pakamon Kumkaewprom (Kan). Born in 1999, Kan's passion for photography started with her father’s gift of a 50 THB film camera when she was very young. While still exploring the medium, she has been working on nude combined with food photography for her final project "Foodporn" last semester. Also interested in cinema, she enjoys letting her mood guides her eyes when she roams around with her camera.

    France / Thailand

    Born in 1999 in the suburbs of Paris, Lou-Anne Oléron develops since a passion for art, especially photography. Currently studying at Gobelins in photography and video, she does not have a specialty yet. Her will through her work is to create stories thanks to different materials captured with her camera.


    Born in 2000, Kawisara Bijayendrayodhin (Monica) became interested in photography in her high school years where she joined a photography class and start working with film photography. Her grandpa also motivated her to work on portrait photography. Interested in fashion, she also used her skill as a food stylist for her final project last year. She expanded her curiosity towards street photography and portrait, trying to “capture the best moment, like a tattooed memory”.


    Germany / Thailand

    born 1989 in Pompton Plains, NJ, USA, Clemens Fischer is a freelance photographer living and working in Berlin, currently studying at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie.


    Busabong Chaiyanan (Numwan) was born in 1999. Her passion for art started from painting and film appreciation, from there she grew her interest in photography, with first landscape photography and later on collecting memories, moments to look back. Currently interested in conceptual and street photography, she recently did a project on her mother, using the camera as a tool, a pretext for a conversation with her. The lens became a form of therapy, intrusive but liberating. She believes that everything has its beauty and feelings beyond words, which photography could help understand and communicate.

    Italy / Thailand

    Born in Taranto (1994), Alessio Pellicoro lived there until I came to Rome for University studies. Recently graduated in July 2019, he studied photography for three y ears at IED Rome (Istituto Europeo di Design). He discovered photography when he found some old dusted cameras of his father in a broken bench.

    Photography became the reason of his life and the only way for him to see and describe "...the world behind my house" as Luigi Ghirri would said.


    Sasipa Chunharungroj (Oil) was born in 1998, Sasipa’s inspiration for photography started from her dad’s passion for keeping memories. She developed a keen eye to landscape, nature and environment photography. While she also explored documentary photography during her time at university, she also developed an interest in portrait and fashion photography.

    Poland / Thailand

    Estella Dandyk graduated from School of Visual Arts in New York City. Currently she is a student of photography at the National Film School in Lodz, Poland. Intersted in fashion, portrait, but above all - she loves catching people’s beauty and feelings at pictures.


    Born in 1998, Praepisut Peechapat (Fueng) started to develop her interests in photography from reading magazines and watching documentaries in highschool. In “Anti Glam”, her final project in her first year, she explored low key fashion portrait photography from the 1940s and 50s but on mundane actions. Influenced by street and portrait photography, her work currently focuses on minimalist aesthetics, composition, and colors.

    Portugal / Thailand

    Born in Portugal in 1996, graduated in Photography in IPT (Tomar). For Vasco Rafael, photography appeared as a need to translate thoughts on society and to be critic about it. Driven by the will of getting lost, to find, and to get lost again in the endless cycle.


    Born in the city of Pattaya in 1998, Ratirat Pipatkulcheewin (Design) started her photographic practice at a young age with her father’s point-and-shoot film camera. She then began taking random pictures on the beach and streets of the coastal multi-cultural city. This influence still leaves traces on her work to this day. Her last project “The joy of everyday life” explored the mundane life of a couple by focusing on their surroundings.

    Spain / Thailand

    Alvaro Rasheed studied Fine Arts in Madrid, where he had his first contact with photography. He finished his studies with a post-graduate in theory and artistic photography projects (Photoespaña Master’s). His influences are diverse. From Thomas Struth or Andreas Gursky to Alec Soth, Wolfgang Tilmans, Rineke Djikstra or Luigi Ghirri. But he also get inspired by other artist who don’t do photography, such as Gerhard Richter, Félix González Torres or Doris Salcedo, Marcel Duchamp, Caravaggio or Velázquez... He also love philosophy and consider photography as kind of a way of making philosophy through image and materials instead of words.


    Born in 1997, Paothong Chroensook (Bank) develops passion for portrait photography . He started by taking pictures of his friends and siblings. Recently his curiosity drove him towards film photography process and portraiture. Paothong’s interests include street and studio photography as well as filmmaking.

    United Kingdom / Thailand

    Victoria Smith is living and studying in Manchester. By working with an array of materials and subject matter, she explores how photography exists within our world, and our current attitudes towards it. From appropriating found images to making sculptural installations, her work is often driven by research, collaboration or cross-disciplinary practice to create an innovative outcome.


    Fah-on Mongkolrat (In) was born in 1999. She started photography as a hobby in High School. Her curiosity for the medium arose during her first year of University while shooting landscapes and portraits. Specializing in photography and filmmaking in her studies, she decided to challenge herself by exploring nude photography. While Mongkolrat has a shy personality, she sees the human body figure in a more platonic way, closer to landscape photography. She currently would want to focus on nature, nude and portrait photography.

  • Day by day, follow the photographers

    Day One : first meeting at CAT Tower

    Training session with Manit at Kathmandu gallery and first researches

    Students meet Ing K and discover Oasis Galerie

    At work

    Monica by Lou-Anne